Iler Aerial Imaging has over 30 years’ experience flying remote piloted aircraft. Our team has over 20 years of professional photo and video editing skills to match our flying skills. We are 107 certified with insurance and can handle your flying needs all over the world.

Our current drone fleet has some of the top optics available, allowing us to shoot in 5.2K at 30fps or 4k in 60fps.  We are a part of an elite, world-wide network of certified drone pilots, giving us access to thousands of drones to fit any need and any location you may have.  Our projects have included the following companies:

48 Hour Film Project      Animal Planet      Bass Pro Shops      BBC                                                    Netflix         

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Are your pilots 107 certified?
A: Yes, with some of our pilots being certified on day 1 - 08/30/2016.  This was the first day available for the 107 certification from the FAA.
Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes. Our insurance covers us and our clients during drone operations.
Q: How high can you fly?
A: 400ft above ground level is the legal limit, or within 400ft above and around buildings/towers that we are filming.
Q: How long can you fly?
A: Our average flight time is 20 minutes per flight, but we have enough batteries and charges to fly all day.
Q: How fast can you fly?
A: 50-60 MPH is the top speed in no wind.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are located in Northeast Ohio, but we have containers and passports allowing us to travel world-wide.  Each country has a unique set of laws regarding drones, so please give us ample notice if you are wanting us to fly in another country so we can obtain the necessary authorization.  Our network of certified professional pilots also allows us to be available quickly for projects around the world.
Q: What waivers/authorizations do you have?
A: We have our daylight waiver and standing airspace authorizations for the Cleveland, Ohio area.  We have obtained temporary authorizations for airspace across the country for specific projects. We recommend 4-6 weeks for airspace authorization if needed for a project.


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