Data Aquisition for 3D Aerial Data Acquisition

We use our drones to help professional surveyors quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively get:

  • Accurate Survey Data - We use ground control points to generate accurate contour maps in hours instead of days or weeks
  • BIM Integration - Create point clouds compatible with BIM, GIS, and CAD software, such as Autodesk, Box,
  • Instant Measurements - Measure distance, area, and volumes instantly on a variety of devices
  • Shared Insights - Share maps align teams and update key people

Brasfield & Gorrie created a case study showing how they used drones for a site survey, and shortened the time from 2-3 weeks to 1-4 days!  This case study shows:

  • How to verify site plans by using drone mapping
  • Get a higher Return on Investment with faster data collection
  • Aerial Mapping provides a high level of accuracy
  • and much more!

Click Here to Download the Case Study by Brasfield & Gorrie for using Drone Mapping to verify construction earthwork.